Increasing Number of Fire Incidents, a Concern for Authority

The National Fire Authority is investigating into a fire incident that occurred at Vuninokonoko, in Navua today.

The National Fire Authority (NFA) was alerted of the house fire at 12.37 am and the fire team from the Navua Fire Station responded immediately. Upon arrival at the scene, the fire team found a five-bedroom house fully engulfed in flames. The team quickly used one delivery of water from the fire truck to extinguish the fire with the support from Pacific Harbour and Suva Fire Stations. The firefighters fought fiercely and were able to control the spread of the fire to the home owner’s warehouse and factory that were just meters away.  

It is understood the fire had started from the sitting room of the five-bedroom house while three family members were at home.

According to NFA statistics, since January this year to date, a span of over 11 months and 2 days, a total of 115 structural fire incidents were recorded, of which 41 occurred in the Central/Eastern Division, 52 in the Western Division and 17 in the Northern Division. 

NFA Chief Executive Officer Mr. Puamau Sowane continues to remind the members of the public to take responsibility of fire safety in and around their homes.

“We identify that most of the fire incidents occur when the homes are vacant. We remind the home owners to check for all fire safety precautions before they leave home. Always alert your neighbors that you will be away and in case of any fire emergency to call the authority and inform them,” he said.

“It is so sad to see that number of structural fire incidents continue to escalate as we are nearing Christmas time. It will be a very dull Christmas for these fire victims and we grief with them,” he added.

“We cannot be complacent about fire safety. Every Fijian should start taking heed of all fire safety precautions that the Authority is giving out and adhere to them.”

“As a lot of gatherings and cooking would be part of the festive season, NFA advices people to take extra precautions while in the kitchen or cooking. It is also important to do all necessary fire safety checks in and around the house if you are going away for holidays,” he said.

Some important fire safety tips that can be practiced in and around homes to prevent a fire from happening are:

Kitchen Fire Safety tips

  • Never leave cooking unattended. Stay in the kitchen when cooking till it is done.
  • Keep stoves and grills free from grease and fat build up.
  • Keep stoves and toasters away from towels and curtains
  • Keep children away from cooking areas
  • While cooking outdoor, keep firewood neatly stacked away from fire places
  • Never underestimate firewood embers. Put them out completely after use. It only takes a slight breeze to fan it alight.
  • Parents/ guardians must ensure to supervise their children and keep matches and lighters out of their reach.
  • Always turn off gas cylinders after use or cooking

 Use of Candles and oil Lamps

  • Keep candles away from curtains, fabrics or furniture, or any flammable material that can catch fire
  • Candles should be out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Children should never hold a lit candle and always place lit candles in candle holders

 If you notice broken wires or old wires, wire insulation drying out, loose switches or receptacles and overheating, or circuit breakers tripping, immediately call a qualified and licensed electrician to get your home wiring checked,” he said.

“Since school children are home and we are approaching the festive season, be alert while you cook in the kitchen and ensure to supervise children and keep matches and lighters out of their reach.”

The National Fire Authority urges all Fijians to be alert with their surroundings and immediately call the toll-free fire emergency number 910 if they see any suspicious smoke or fire before attempting to put it out, so that firefighters can respond in the quickest time possible.

 The NFA will be carrying out its investigations into the fire incident to ascertain the cause.



Established by virtue of the National Fire Service Act, 1994 the National Fire Authority assumed responsibilities to provide fire services for the entire nation of Fiji in February 1995.


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