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Firefighters dedicate their lives to protect life and properties and these dedications are in the form of countless hours or in others it can be many selfless years working for the industry.

In celebrating International Firefighter’s Day, the world’s communities can recognize and honor the sacrifice the Firefighters have made over the years to ensure their communities, environment and people are fire safe.

Each year on this day (4th May) International Firefighter’s Day is observed and the National Fire Authority (NFA) joins in the accolades to acknowledge this special day and celebrate the valuable contribution to the communities in Fiji of this special and unique class of skilled and courageous men and women. We also remember all the Firefighters serving in the Pacific and around the world for their contribution in courageously carrying out their crucial role. We salute their courage and loyalty to this noble essential service.

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Mileta Seniroqa expresses her gratitude to all the Fire Officers and Firefighters in Fiji, in the Pacific Region and around the world, for their valued contribution towards fire safety and mitigation over the years.

For Fiji, the National Fire Authority has a total of 624 personnel serving in Fiji’s Fire Service of which 95% are Career Firefighters and 5% provide administrative and support services.   The Career Firefighters are stationed in the 19 Fire Stations around the country and at Head Quarters and around 4% of the Career Firefighters are females, as the NFA increases its intake of female Firefighters.  

Acting CEO Mrs Seniroqa says that all our Fire Teams are always ready and prepared to serve the Fiji communities.  In 2019 NFA recorded 140 structural fire cases compared to 158 in 2018. Of this 140 fire incidents, there were 18 commercial fire incidents, 1 industrial and 121 residential fire incidents.

This year from January to March, there were 28 structural fire incidents of which one was industrial and 27 were residential.

Last year, the highest causes of structural or property fires were electrical related which has been a growing concern and, in consultation with our line Ministry and key stakeholders, a task force has begun work to look into electrical related fire causes which have been one of the main causes of property fires over the years.

NFA is seeking the support of the public to practice fire safety at all times.  Fire safety precautions should be everyone’s concern to prevent the loss of our properties and even precious lives to fires.

Our Firefighters have courageously accepted to serve in this profession and provide their time and skills in service to the communities.  They are exposed to various scenarios on a regular basis, some even life threatening, as fire teams rush through busy traffic to get to a scene in quick time, putting out property fires under intense heat and toxic smoke or extinguishing vehicle, boat, bush, rubbish or sugarcane fires or attending to road accident rescue operations involving the extrication of victims in these incidents, or attending to urban search and rescue operations or hazardous material operations or even flood or swift water rescue operations and even providing emergency ambulance services to the point where some of our firefighters have actually delivered babies during these calls, such is the life of a Firefighter, for which we acknowledge and salute today.

These are crucial moments where people depend on our Firefighters to either rescue lives or stop the spread of fire to other properties or even stop the spread of toxic material into the environment or waterways, and at most times, the work of our Firefighters remain humble and unsung and only a few members of the community would be privy to the heroic efforts carried out by the Firefighters involved.

That is what makes the role of a Firefighter heroic and worthy of our accolades today as we remember their valuable role in society.  We also acknowledge the services of our colleagues who have died during the course of the year due to illness and our thoughts are with their loved ones as we remember their time with the Fire Service.

Our plea to the communities will always be that fire incidents can be avoided if only people ensure fire safety precautions and ensure their homes and businesses are fire-safe and we provide the following Fire Safety Tips which we trust will save your property and your family from unnecessary loss to fire:

  • Parents should keep matches and lighters away from the reach of children
  • Use candles safely – don’t leave them unattended- never sleep with candles burning
  • Remove electrical cords from under rugs and behind radiators. Switch off electrical appliance after every use.
  • Keep flammable liquids away from heat sources – they catch fire easily
  • Never leave cooking unattended. Stay in the kitchen when cooking.
  • Know your fire emergency number – call 910 when there is a fire emergency
  • Own a fire extinguisher for your own safety and learn/know how to use it.
  • Parents should supervise children while they are home during school holiday.
  • Smoke detectors save lives – install and maintain them

Acting CEO Mrs Mileta Seniroqa re-iterates that fire safety is everyone’s responsibility and that simple fire safety precautions should be strictly adhered to at all times to avoid unnecessary fire related damages to properties.

She also advises the public to call 910 as soon as they see smoke or fire in order to give NFA and the Firefighters the best and quickest opportunity to respond to the fire incident on time.

Every life and property matters and the National Fire Authority urges everyone to help recognize and appreciate the work of the Firefighters in their Communities and around the world who courageously sacrifice their life and time to save lives and properties.


Established by virtue of the National Fire Service Act, 1994 the National Fire Authority assumed responsibilities to provide fire services for the entire nation of Fiji in February 1995.


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