NFA completes investigations into Samabula Fire Incident

National Fire Authority (NFA) has completed investigations into the fire incident that occurred at Crompton Place, Votus Road in Samabula on Sunday, 13th September 2020.

Fire investigations reveal that the fire had started from the ceiling of the top floor of the double storey building due to an electrical short circuit.

The Suva Fire Station was alerted of the house fire at 2.29 am on the Fire emergency line 910 by a neighbor. The neighbor, Mr. Anthony Blake who is also an ex-firefighter had called on the emergency line twice after his wife alerted him of the fire.

Mr. Blake’s wife who was awake when the fire had started alerted her husband as soon as she heard an explosion from the burning building.

NFA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Puamau Sowane said he is glad a quick call was made by Mr. Blake to NFA as soon as there was a fire.

“The quick call to NFA informing about the fire on 910 enabled our firefighters to attend to the fire on time. The team did a good job of saving the house from being fully destroyed by fire, “he said.

“The family was lucky to escape from the burning building also as there are so many dangers of iron grilled or barricaded windows and doors during a fire. “It is important every family member knows where exactly house keys are placed in the house so that during any fire emergency, people are able to escape if the windows are heavily iron-grilled or barricaded.

“We are also requesting the public to ensure fire safety in their homes before going to bed. “People should make a habit of checking if power points are switched off, electrical appliances are switched off if not in use, and phones are plugged out of charging ports,” he added.

Mr. Sowane is also requesting the public to ensure all electrical work in homes and buildings are done by a qualified electrician and frequently checked for any faults.

“Electrical fires can be caused by broken or old wires, from wire insulation drying out, loose switches or receptacles and overheating. Homeowners should always look out for these hazards in homes to prevent any electrical related fire incidents he added.

The NFA is advising the public to look out for warning signs like faulty wiring, flickering lights, breakers that always trip, fuses that blow, a burning smell when you plug in appliances, outlets, and switches that spark, and discolored wall outlets to prevent mishaps in homes.

Investigations into another fire incident that occurred on 12th September 2020 in Votualevu Nadi is still underway.

The Nadi Fire Station was alerted of the house fire at 8.34 pm and the fire team had responded immediately. Upon arrival, the firefighters found the house fully engulfed in flames. The house was vacant at the time of the fire incident.

Mr. Sowane also reminds the public that it is important people ensure fire safety in and around homes before they leave their house vacant.

“A number of house fires recently occurred when the houses were vacant and it shows people are not ensuring safety in their homes. The public should take responsibility for their properties and make sure that every precaution is observed in homes.

“We should never be complacent with Fire Safety; we can prevent fires from destroying our homes and properties and even lives by taking extra precautionary measures to ensure fire safety he added.



Established by virtue of the National Fire Service Act, 1994 the National Fire Authority assumed responsibilities to provide fire services for the entire nation of Fiji in February 1995.


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