NFA completes investigations into Kinoya Fire Incidents

National Fire Authority (NFA) has completed investigations into the fire incidents that occurred at Vesivesi Road and Water Lilly Road in Kinoya on Friday, 9th September 2020.

Fire investigations into the first incident that destroyed a two-bedroom house revealed that the fire had started from the kitchen area and was caused by unattended cooking.

It was revealed that the owner had lit the kerosene stove and put on a kettle and went to a nearby canteen to buy a packet of tea. Upon his return, the owner saw the kitchen was on fire and the kerosene stove had exploded. The owner’s son was in the house sleeping but had woken up and managed to escape to safety in time.

Investigations into the second fire incident that destroyed a car wash reveals that the fire had started from the bulk area of the car wash facility and was caused by an electrical short circuit.

Destroyed in the fire was also a taxi that was parked inside the car wash garage and three other rental cars that sustained partial fire damages.

NFA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Puamau Sowane says these fire incidents could have been avoided if only proper precautions were taken.

“Fires starting from unattended cooking is just carelessness on the person’s part where they fail to organize themselves before lighting the stove and remain in the kitchen until their cooking is done.”

“It is very simple logic and every person cooking should remember that all cooking is to be supervised and you should only move out of the kitchen once your cooking is done,” he said.

“NFA has been reminding the public on the importance of taking precautions while cooking but time and again we attend to fire incidents caused by unattended cooking. This is just unacceptable and we urge the public to stay alert while cooking using a stove or using electrical appliances or even open fires,” he added.

CEO Sowane also raised his concerns on fires that have electrical related causes as it is ranked the highest cause of fire so far this year.

“Electrical fires can be caused by broken or old wires, from wire insulation drying out, loose switches or receptacles, and overheating. Homeowners and business owners should always look out for these hazards in homes and workplaces to prevent any electrical related fire incidents”, he added.

To prevent mishaps in homes, the NFA is advising the public to look out for warning signs like faulty wiring, flickering lights, circuit breakers that regularly trips, fuses that blow, a burning smell when you plug in appliances, outlets, switches that spark, and discolored wall outlets.   

CEO Sowane says we should never be complacent with Fire Safety; we can prevent fires from destroying our homes and properties - and even lives, by taking extra precautionary measures to ensure fire safety, he added.


Established by virtue of the National Fire Service Act, 1994 the National Fire Authority assumed responsibilities to provide fire services for the entire nation of Fiji in February 1995.


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