NFA Attends to fire incident in Nadawa

The National Fire Authority (NFA) is raising concerns about the increasing number of structural fires around the country.

The NFA attended to a fire incident at Lairo Road in Nadawa last night after a 910-emergency call was received by NFA Suva Control at 7.07 pm who dispatched the team from the Valelevu Fire Station.

The Valelevu Fire team immediately responded and upon arrival at the scene at 7.14 pm found a two bedroom-house fully engulfed in flames. The crew quickly established two deliveries of water from the fire truck to extinguish the fire.

Two people were occupying the home when the fire had started but managed to escape to safety before it destroyed their house.

In another two fire incidents on Monday 18th January 2021, two families lost their homes to a fire at Sabeto Village in Nadi and Rara Road Lajonia in Labasa.

NFA CEO Mr. Puamau Sowane says it is alarming to see this as we have just stepped into the new year.

“We are just 20 days into the new year and the NFA has already attended to six fire incidents around the country. As a result of these fire incidents, 20 people have been left homeless. Considering school just started, families will find it difficult to make ends meet.”

Mr. Sowane said fire safety is every individual’s responsibility and we need people to start taking precautionary measures to prevent fire incidents. We urge the public to adhere to NFA’s advice and safety messages on fire safety.

“We cannot be careless about fire safety, particularly during these trying times when our economy has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and Tropical Cyclone Yasa.

“A fire threatens everyone’s lives and properties and we should be mindful of our neighboring homes and properties when it comes to fire prevention. We need to take extra precautions and ensure fire safety measures are observed in and around our homes.

Mr. Sowane also urged the general public to be alert when they leave their homes vacant.

“People need to be mindful and follow safety measures when they are leaving their homes vacant. NFA has attended to many home fires which were left vacant and most times the causes of these fire incidents are electrical related.”

 “If you decide to leave your home vacant, always ensure to switch off all electrical appliances and switches in the house,” he added.

“We should never be complacent with Fire Safety; we can prevent fires from destroying our homes and properties and even lives by taking extra precautionary measures.

NFA urges the public to call on the toll-free fire emergency number 910 if they see smoke or any fire so that the firefighters can reach the fire scene in the quickest time and save your properties.

NFA investigations are underway to determine the causes of the three fire incidents.



Established by virtue of the National Fire Service Act, 1994 the National Fire Authority assumed responsibilities to provide fire services for the entire nation of Fiji in February 1995.


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