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Heads of the National Fire Authority (NFA) are attending the two day management workshop at the NFA Training Room in Suva.

This is the first management workshop in 2015 which also engaged in guest speakers from the public and private sector speaking on key topics on their area of expertise.

The two day workshop ends today.

Aggressive firefighting by the National Fire Authority (NFA) firefighters prevented a major fire disaster from happening at the Vatuwaqa industrial area in Suva this morning.

At 0744hrs, NFA Suva responded to a rubbish fire call at the Vatuwaqa Industrial area. However, upon arrival at the site, the fire crews could not find any rubbish fire, but found smoke coming out at the back of a warehouse.

The team then called for support and was supported by teams from Suva and Valelevu Fire Stations. The teams cut through the roller doors and found the inside of the warehouse fully engulfed in flames. Six fire trucks, five from Suva Fire Station and one from the Valelevu Fire Station were engaged to contain the fire.

“Our main priority was to contain the fire within the warehouse,” NFA CEO John O’Connor said.

The fire had spread quickly in the warehouse because of the heavy fire load such as clothes and other combustibles that were inside the


It was a bizarre rescue by the team of Taveuni firefighters on May 31 as they assisted the Police to catch a thief who stole the money and valuable items belonging to a woman.

Taveuni Fire Station Acting Officer-in-Charge Kaiava Francis said they are proud to assist their community.

“We were doing our night patrol in the area when we came across a man who was acting strangely to us as he was coming from the Aroha Taveuni Beach Front hotel.

“As we were walking towards the hotel, the night attendant at the hotel came running to us and told us that the robbery took place in the hotel and a man had stole money and valuable items from a woman,”Mr. Francis said.

“The matter was reported to the Police and the next day we assisted the Police to catch that man whom we met on the road during our patrol and he confessed to the Police that he stole the money and other valuable items.

“The money and other valuable items were recovered from


The Minister for Local Government, Housing, Environment, Infrastructure and Transport Honourable Parveen Bala handed over a brand new combined aerial platform (ladder fire truck) and two new ambulances to the National Fire Authority (NFA) at a ceremony held at the NFA Head Quarters in Walu Bay, Suva today.

The ladder fire truck and two new ambulances cost Government about $2million and is one of Government’s huge investment in the NFA.

“Government is delighted to fund the purchase of this brand new ladder fire truck which was specially designed and built by Frazer Fire in New Zealand,” Mr Bala said.

“The ladder fire truck is designed to reach some of our tallest buildings in Suva such as Tappoo City, the Reserve Bank and other high rise buildings with the ladder height of 22metres.

“Previously, the NFA had one second hand ladder fire truck which was donated by the Japanese Government and this is the first brand new ladder platform which has


IT was a proud moment for Labasa firefighter Shayal Jee as she was confirmed to the rank of a firefighter during the firefighter induction ceremony at the Labasa Fire Station on July 6.

Shayal is the first Indian decent female firefighter in NFA.

“I’m proud for this confirmation in my firefighting career,” Ms Jee said.

“It was my dream to become a firefighter and I’m looking forward to excel further in my firefighting career and make the NFA and the country proud.”

The National Fire Authority (NFA) was among the many stakeholders who took part in the Maritime Day at the Suva City Council foreshore on Wednesday, September 23.

NFA officers engaged in various programs organized by the organizers of the Maritime Day which also included a sea rescue.

The Maritime Day ended with a rescue drill involving the NFA, Fiji Navy, Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji and Saint John Ambulance where they performed a sea rescue scenario.

Prop Leeroy Atalifo has vowed to make Fiji and the National Fire Authority (NFA) proud at the Rugby World Cup next month in England.

The 27-year-old was farewell by colleagues and staff of the NFA in Walu Bay, Suva yesterday.

“I’m ready to play for my country and it’s a proud moment for me to get this farewell from my NFA colleagues,” Atalifo said. “I’m deeply touched by this farewell ahead of the RWC.

“Being a firefighter helped me a lot to discipline myself and also assisted greatly in the improvement of my fitness level which has resulted in my selection to represent the country at the RWC,” Atalifo said. “This is going to be a huge milestone for me and I will cherish it for a long time.

"This is a very key position and I'm ready for it.“I’m looking forward to play at the RWC and to make the country and the people of Fiji proud,” Atalifo said. The chief executive officer of NFA John O’Connor stated that NFA was really proud of the


Thirty-five new recruits marched into camp on Saturday at the Fiji Naval Base in Togalevu for the firefighter recruit training.

The new recruits will graduate as probation firefighters to be posted to the fire stations around the country after the completion of their training.

CEO John O’Connor thanked all the applicants for their application.

“NFA is humbled by the huge interest expressed by applicants for this recruitment and we would sincerely thank all the applicants who attended the pre-selection process and trials.

Established by virtue of the National Fire Service Act, 1994 the National Fire Authority assumed responsibilities to provide fire services for the entire nation of Fiji in February 1995.


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