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The Authority continued to operate fire brigades at various locations detailed below. Our Ffirefighters are categorised into three classes, the FULL TIMETIME FIREFIGHTERS, the AUXILLARY VOLUNTEERS, and then there are the VOLUNTEERS.

The FULL TIME FIREFIGHTERS and the AUXILLARY VOLUNTEERS attend regular drills and training and are paid for the drill hours and for attending to emergency response. They are also paid a regular monthly sum as a retainer. Volunteers however are those who offer their time and services for free.

All volunteers are registered with the Fiji National Provident Fund and the Authority makes it's share of the contribution. Additionally, all firemen are insured against Personel Accident up to the limits prescribed under the Workers Compensation Act.

The Volunteer Stations are :


Our Administrative functions are headed by the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Puamau Sowane

Departments in Administration:

  • Finance - Includes Accounts, Payroll, Procurement and Stores
  • Corporate Affairs – Includes Media and Corporate Communications
  • Human Resources and Development – Includes Personnel and Training
  • ICT – Includes Telecommunications and Information Technology
  • Fleet and Properties


Vacancies are usually published in the local newspapers and will be posted on this NFA's Website as and when they occur.


If, when organizing an event you want our boys to come down and demonstrate some fire fighting and life saving drills,please contact our main office/Headquaters on ph: 3312877.

To actually show the public some fire drills is vital because they demonstrate exactly what they do in a fire situation or any kind of incident they respond to.

This is also a way of educating the public to be more vigilant and be fire wise and also luring our interested future firemen on what kind of work they would be doing.


  • Minimum education level of at least form 6 or 7.
  • Be physically fit
  • A favourable police clearance
  • A good medical report
  • A clean driving licence
  • Computer literacy or any trade qualification relevant to the fire service would be an advantage


Fire fighter Recruitment usually occurs annually or when the need arises and advertisements are usually placed in the local newspapers, outlining the criteria for applications. Recruitment forms are accessible on this link:

Fire Fighter Application Form 

The current Minimum Requirement for


Established by virtue of the National Fire Service Act, 1994 the National Fire Authority assumed responsibilities to provide fire services for the entire nation of Fiji in February 1995.


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Address :

Argo Street, Walu Bay, Suva

Phone :

3312 877/3312 145/
3313 419/ 3313 091